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Your Stay & Our Hospitality

Starry starry night at the movies!

Located on rooftops, in gardens and small courtyards in the centre of the city, the summer cinemas of Athens have their own unique ambience, offering the most amazing film experience you’ve ever had. Cine Thisio, Cine Paris, Cine Psyrri, The Riviera, Vox, Zephyros, Dexameni, Aegli Zappiou, Elinis are only some of the most scenic Athenian cinemas. With in-house beers and snacks available, it’s a delight to settle down for the evening with friends and your favourite screen icons!

by Ariadni Lepeniotou Ρεσεψιονίστ
by Ariadni Lepeniotou Ρεσεψιονίστ

All going swimmingly!

They’re spacious, popular and are all located in the centre of Athens. The pools in Athens’ hotels are veritable oases during the hot summer months. Some of the best you can visit: Hilton Hotel, Fresh Hotel, St. George Lycabettus, Divani Caravel, Acropolis Hill.

by Ariadni Lepeniotou Ρεσεψιονίστ